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Newark School Playground is Returned to Kids, November 21, 2017


Construction Underway to Expand Newark's Riverfront Park, November 1, 2017

To the City, a Pollution Fighter. To Some Residents, an Eyesore, March 23, 2017 


Water utility plans to replace remaining lead pipes, 1/18/17

New Jersey American Water to invest $5.8 million in central New Jersey infrastructure upgrades, 1/16/17

Senate committee urges release of updated water supply master plan, 1/9/17

America's Most Toxic Waterway Gets Some Help, November 14, 2016

Christie Administration Announces Groundbreaking for Nearly $8 Million Expansion of Newark's Riverfront Park, October 5, 2016

Stormwater Utilities Can Help Clean Up the Problem of Polluted Water, Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight, 3/2/16


Sewage Overflow Pollutes Hudson, Vexes New Jersey, Kate King, Wall Street Journal, 12/27/15


Dirty Little Secrets: New Jersey is Just a Storm Away from a Toxic Mess, Scott Gurian, WNYC, 12/8/15


The Record, Controlling Sewage, 12/8/15


New Steps to Keep Sewage from Passaic River, Jim O'Neill, The Record, 12/7/15


Community Launches Campaign to Transform Lafayette Street School Playground, The Trust for Public Land, 10/27/15


Kearny School's New Garden is Real Outdoor Classroom, Laura Herzog,, 9/24/15


Green Infrastructure Could Curb Newark's Sewage-Laced Flooding, Study Says, Jessica Mazzola,, 7/30/15


City's Sewer Overflows are Your Problem Too, 7/24/15


New Jersey Won't Budge on Sewage Permits, Jim O'Neill, The Record, 7/6/15


A New Playground in the Bronx Soaks Up the City's Problematic Stormwater, Lisa Foderaro, 6/24/15


State Moves to Deal with Dirty Problem - Raw Sewage in Waterways, Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight, 3/13/15


Some Good News About Sewage, Star Ledger Editorial Board, 1/12/15


Baraka, Anderson Welcome New Playground at Sussex Avenue School, Naomi Nix,, 11/25/14


Newark Rain Garden Shows Green Infrastructure Can Ease Burden on City's Sewers, Daniel Kelly, Environmental Monitor, 2/11/14

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